Community-Based Workforce for combatting Covid 19 Crisis in Rural Areas of Sikkim

The State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, Rural Development Department, Government of Sikkim has been undertaking extensive capacity-building training programme virtually with the help of the experts from the Health Department, Government of Sikkim to create a community-based workforce.

This is being arranged to better utilise the potential workforce available and promoting workforce growth in quantity and quality which will be beneficial to approach the crisis to a great extent. Along with the efforts made by the government, public cooperation is necessary. The idea behind the initiative is to train Self Help Groups, NGOs, CBOs and youths to handle the crisis at ground zero, easing the pressure on the health workers.

In this regard, a virtual training was conducted wherein they were informed about home-based bedside assistance, proper sanitisation methods, especially during home-based care, proper handling of bio-medical wastes etc. The individuals are being trained and informed to create an efficient workforce during emergencies. The training also aims to impart understanding between societies and communities so they support and guide each other and provide the correct information regarding which can be integral, particularly during the time of the pandemic.

The training aims to provide the right kind of knowledge to the groups who can spread the correct information and can help resolve the spread of false news. Panchayats, VCMC, Self Help Groups, NGOs, CBOs and Teachers were selected for the training as their active schedule and connection at the grassroots and community level can help is the dissemination of the message effectively in a broader spectrum.

Some of the important issues which will be covered during the virtual training session with the stakeholders are as follows.
Do’s and don’ts for Caregivers
Preventing and addressing Social Stigma
Waste Management at Household Level
Vaccination drive, Mental Health,

(Press release from CMO)

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