Press release from Sikkim Finance & Accounts Service Association

Gangtok, 02.05.21: The members of the Sikkim Finance & Accounts Service heartily express gratitude to the Hon’ble Chief Minister for launching the Su Swastha Yojana which is probably the first State run employees Health scheme in the entire North East region. The scheme is observed to be employee centric to facilitate and improve healthcare access, quality and costs to Government employees of the State & their dependents/family.

Under this new scheme, we can now avail cashless treatment facility of up to Rs 10.00 lakhs in more than 400 +NABH accredited hospitals across the country which is one of the highest in any State run employees health service scheme. The employees now have the freedom to choose a hospital of his/her choice and the age old hassle to seek Referral certificate from the State medical board is done away with. Neither do we have to run around for reimbursement of our medical bills. In its place there is a 24 x7 help desk and call centre for assistance with an app and web portal for convenient enrolment. Further, to ensure
assurance of Quality Treatment help desks are being provided in all the empanelled hospitals for support and assistance for our employees undergoing medical treatment.

The Government has been benevolent to peg the monthly premium at Rs 200/- per employee irrespective of age. For coverage of family members an additional premium of Rs 200/- per member is charged. This is surely the lowest employee contribution across all State run or Pvt. run employees health schemes in

For such low premium our Govt. employees and their families are able to access medical benefits much more that other medical insurance companies offer. Pre existing diseases are all covered, maternity benefits up to Rs 50,000/- in normal and caesarean cases, two terms IVF treatment & Emergency and Trauma cases are all covered.
Parents of Govt. employees can avail benefits under the scheme up-to an age of 100 years. The dependents age limit has been scaled up to 30 years from 25 years and there is no age limit for physically /mentally challenged children and unmarried unemployed dependent daughter. Furthermore, flexibility is provided to make mid- term additions /deletions of dependents on account of marriage, new born,
death of member and divorce.

This is a bold and revolutionary initiative by our Government in providing the best health care facilities to its employees. We are well aware that much sweat and midnight oil has been burnt by the Government to evolve such an ideal health coverage package for its employees. The SF&AS members are overwhelmed by the
concern & effort put in by our Government to provide the best health facilities to its employees.
Special mention of gratitude must be bestowed on our Hon’ble Chief Minister under whose direction the Su Swastha Yojana has come about. We members of SF &AS therefore stand indebted to our Hon’ble Chief Minster and vow to commit ardent support in ensuring that the Su Swastha Yojana is a success story in these gloomy times.

( Kuber Bhandari)
President –SF&AS

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