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Namchi,9th April (IPR): An online workshop session was held at Smart Classroom of Namchi Senior Secondary School, today. The workshop was on the topic “ONLINE SAFETY AND CYBERCRIMES”. The target participants were the students of standard 7 to 9.
Altogether 20 students and one nodal teacher participated in the aforesaid programme.
The workshop was conducted by Ms. Prerna Sharma, a Resource Person from Youth Online Learning Organisation (YOLO), Goa.
Initially, she interacted with the participants and built up the required rapport for the one and half-hour long session.
Then she introduced the main content of the workshop and emphasized the necessity of such a workshop to bring about mass awareness among the school-going children so that unprecedented cyber crimes in the future could be avoided.
Comprehensively, the speaker brought home the following points:-
1. Community guidelines to be followed while using any social networking sites/app such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter etc.
If not followed then a user could either become a victim of cybercrime or he himself might misuse such sites/app and attract the cybercrime penalty.
2. If the students are using any social networking sites/app then they must ensure that their passwords are strong enough to stand the cyber frauds, hacking etc.
The strong passwords contain alphabets, numbers, and special characters like @,#_ etc.
3. If the students or their parents are using social networking sites then they must not share everyday details and personal information over their status. Moreover, they must use the safety features of such sites.
For that, they have to go to ‘Settings’ then activate the required option to safeguard their privacy.
4. One should never share ATM card numbers, CVV numbers and bank account details over the internet and telephonic call since the banks never ask for such details.
5. There are various forms of Cybercrimes viz, cyber-fraud on the bank account, online job fraud, cyberstalking, hate speech, false news/misinformation, identify theft and so on. If a user falls victim to any such Cybercrimes then it could be reported on the helpline number *155260* or seek help through *National Cybercrime Portal*.
6. If the crime is about false news/misinformation then it could be reported through *Press Information Bureau* Whatsapp number: *8799711259*
Lastly, the workshop session concluded with a recapitulation of the entire discourse in the form of a question-answer interactive session in which the participants answered all the questions not only enthusiastically but also correctly.

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