The 1st Annual Block Development Sabha 2021-2022 of Mangan Block

Mangan, April 08 (IPR): The 1st Annual Block Development Sabha 2021-2022 of Mangan Block was conducted at the Conference Hall of Block Administration Centre (BAC), Mangan today.
The meeting was organized by BAC Mangan North Sikkim, Rural Development Department. The Sabha was Chaired by Hon’ble Zilla Member of Mangshilla- Tibuk GPU Shri. Zomin Subba in the presence of Upa Adhakshya Shri Theney Bhutia, who is also the Observer of Block Sabha. Present at the event were BDO Mangan Shri D.S. Subba, All Presidents of 7 GPUs, Retired Government Officers, Branch Managers (Axis and CBI), Officers from various line departments, members from Self Help Groups (SHGs)
It may be mentioned that Mangan Block comprises 7 GPUs. They are:
1. Toong- Naga
2. Singhik
3. Ringhim-Nampatan
4. Mansghilla- Tibuk
5. Tingchim-Chaday
6. Namok-Swayem
7. Ramthang-Tanek
Block Profiles and Drafts of Annual Plan of Mangan Block was presented by Convenor/BDO. He spoke about the development of all 7 GPUs and covered all topics in detail that included Vegetation and wildlife, Soil conservation, Drinking water and sanitation, Migration, Health facilities, Panchayati Raj System, Village Level Institute, Co-operative Societies, Agriculture & Horticulture, List of SHGs, Animal Husbandry & Livestock Fisheries Management, Irrigation, Power, Banking facilities, Tourism, Status of forest in Gram Panchayat, Sports, Recreation and other community facilities.
BPM- Mangan, ADPC (MGNREGA), Block Coordinator (Swachh Bharat Mission) also provided PPTs detailing the status of various sections of the GPUs.
An open discussion and interaction among the gathering took place. The declaration of the Block Development Plan was passed by the Chairperson.

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