Scrutiny Process for Municipal Elections held at West District

Gyalshing, 9th March (IPR): The scrutiny of nomination papers filed by the candidates for Municipal Election 2021 of a single local body under Gyalshing Nagar Panchayat was held today at the office of District Collector, West.
The scrutiny was done in the special presence of Election Observer for West District, Mr. M.T. Sherpa alongside Municipal Returning Officer, Mr. Karma R. Bonpo, Assistant Returning Officer, Mr. Agawane Rohan Ramesh and Officials from Election Department.
A total number of fifteen candidates have filed their nominations from five wards under Gyalshing Nagar Panchayat and under FORM-20 all candidates were validly nominated.
During the course of scrutiny, all the fifteen nominations were accepted after necessary inquiries by the Municipal Returning Officer, West. The following candidates are eligible for contesting the upcoming Municipal Election 2021 under Gyalshing Nagar Panchayat.
1. 01-Kyongsa ward: Rinzing Bhutia, the said ward is reserved for(Scheduled Tribe).
2. 02-Byadong ward: Nirmala Hingmang, Praveen Darjee and Sandu Darjee, the said ward is reserved for (Scheduled Caste).
3. 03-Nayabazaar ward: Akki Doma Bhutia, Chunkila Bhutia and Laki Doma Bhutia, the said ward is reserved for Scheduled Tribe (Women).
4. 04-Central Gyalshing ward: Jyoti Darjee, Khina Maya Tewari, Kunta Sangmoo Bhutia, Menuka Chhetri and Rashmi Agrawal, the said ward is reserved for Unreserved (Women).
5. 05-New Gyalshing ward: Devendra Prasad Sharma, Durga Singh Karki Chhetri and Indra Bahadur Karki, the said ward is reserved for OBC (State).
The deadline for filing the nomination ended yesterday. The last date for withdrawal of candidature (if any) will be on Thursday until 3:00 PM i.e. 11th of March and their respective symbols will be distributed thereafter. Polling will be contested on the 31st of March.
Later Election Observer inspected the four different polling stations under Gyalshing Nagar Panchayat. Following are polling stations according to their respective wards.
1. SPWD, AE Office, for 2- Byadong
2. Community Hall, Gyalshing Room No.l for 3-Naya Bazar.
3. Community Hall, Gyalshing Room no. ll for 4-Central Gyalshing.
4. Community Hall, Gyalshing Room no. lll for 5-New Gyalshing and polling station pertaining to 1-Kyongsha at Government Girls Senior Secondary School Kyongsa stands eliminated because the candidate came out uncontested.
While in the inspection process, Election Observer suggested officials construct ramps for disable friendly polling booths, repair the door latches and maintain a safe distance for the safe and hassle-free procedure of the election.

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