Scrutiny Process for Municipal Elections held at North District

Mangan, 08 March (IPR): The scrutiny of nomination papers for eleven (11) candidates who have filed for nominations for the upcoming Municipal Elections 2021 for 7 Mangan Nagar Panchayat took place in the office of the Municipal Returning Officer, Shri. Tenzing. T. Kaleon, today. Election Observer for North District, Shri. D.B Rawat was also present along with officers of the Election Department.
The documents of all the candidates were scrutinized (ward-wise) and they were briefed on the details of the process. The Municipal Returning Officer explained the criteria, eligibility and the requirements for contesting the elections and answered queries and questions placed by the candidates. He also provided information regarding the allotment of symbols for candidates. He stated that the entire election process would be fair and transparent.
For Pentok ward, which is reserved for ST Women, only one candidate- Smt. Norkit Lepcha had filed her nomination, thereby resulting in “uncontested.” She was presented with Form-35.
There are five wards under 7 Mangan Nagar Panchayat. The details of the other ten (10) candidates who will be contesting for the Municipal Elections in the North District are placed below:
Upper Mangan Bazar- ST (03 candidates)
1. Miss Zangmoo Bhutia
2. Shri Ugen Palzor Kazi
3. Shri Tshering Pintso Saring
Power Colony- UR-Women (02 candidates)
1. Smt. Nima Doma Lepcha
2. Smt. Premkit Lepcha
Rinzing Namgyal Marg- ST (02 candidates)
1. Shri. Hangu Lachenpa
2. Shri. Pema Wangchuk Bhutia
Lower Mangan Bazar – UR- Women (03 candidates)
1. Smt. Prativa Lama
2. Smt. Tenzing Chime Kazi
3. Miss Tshering Doma Bhutia.
All nominations were accepted and stated valid. Form 24 (Appointment of Election Agent) was distributed to the candidates.
The date of withdrawal of nominations (if any) is 11th March 2021 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm.

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