The Hon’ble Chief Minister interacts with the public of eight GPU’s under Rinchenpong Constituency

Gyalshing, 4 March (IPR): On the fourth-day tour programme in West District, Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) interacted with the public of eight GPU’s under Rinchenpong Constituency at SPWD Bungalow, Rinchenpong West Sikkim, today.
During the four days extensive tour, HCM visited Yaksum- Tashiding Constituency and Rinchenpong Constituency and directly interacted with the rural public of all the GPU’s to gather first-hand information from them.
Speaking to the people, he mentioned that now the opportunity of state-building has been given to him by the general public hence, he would take it as a challenge and as an opportunity to keep the goodwill of Sikkim in priority. He also mentioned that he is thankful to the Sikkimese people for extending their trust in the government. He added that as the Chief Minister of Sikkim he is ready to serve the state with utmost sincerity and keeping in purview the good of the entire Sikkimese people. HCM stated that in the field of development the state government is working in a dedicated manner.
Highlighting the Health sector, he informed about the availability of specialist doctors in STNM and the district hospitals across the state in addition to several other facilities like dialysis, tertiary cancer care unit, availability of ample medicines in all health centres as well as refrigerators and X-ray machines by the new government. He also urged the people to know the value of these specialised health workers and the facilities and to have optimal use of their potentiality, specially meant for the poor and helpless people of the far fetched, nook and corner of the state.
HCM extended his gratitude to the government officials for their relentless services towards the public. He acknowledged the role of employees to be the strong support for the rural public in reaching new heights. He further added that more facilities for their betterment would be given where in return the government expects that all government officials would serve the public with more efficiency. HCM reiterated that district HOD’s should now be monitoring all the works in the district and the government in turn will ensure to render every necessary support to the district.
Earlier this morning, HCM visited Shivalaya Mandir at Rimbi and Rinchen Chholing Monastery at Meghi Dara, Rinchenpong West Sikkim. He was accorded a warm welcome by the committee members where he offered prayers and interacted with the committee and assured every possible support towards their development.

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