The Hon’ble Chief Minister’s visits Tashiding Monastery

Gyalshing, 3rd March 2021 (IPR): On the third day of Hon’ble Chief Minister’s tour to West Sikkim, Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) visited Tashiding Monastery, offered prayers interacted with the Committee and assured every possible support towards the development of the monastery in all aspects.
On the way to Yuksam, HCM paid a visit to Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple at Gerethang and offered prayers and assured possible supports towards the augmentation of the temple and also interacted with the labors of Gerethang, Labing and Chuta khola in addition to the school family of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyala at Labing.
The entourage then headed towards Yuksam for the interaction program with the people of Yuksam and its adjoining Gram Panchayat Units.
Addressing the gathering, HCM delivered a short speech extending heartiest greetings to the people of the Constituency and expressed an immense debt of gratitude to the party functionaries and volunteers of the organization. In his speech, HCM reiterated that the motive of visiting such remote and difficult areas of Sikkim is to meet and render support to the poor and helpless people of these geographically odd areas. ” My visit and interaction are specially meant for the people who may not be able to go to the capital to pursue their official works”, he remarked.
He also stated that in the coming Assembly session, the government will earmark the budget in priority for the public works received during the tour through the demand of the local populace.
HCM also directed the general people to prepare applications separately as per the requirement belonging to various departments, it may be difficult if demands pertaining to several departments have been mixed and mentioned in the same sheet of paper, he added. Highlighting the worth and significance of the visit, HCM remarked that such a visit by the Chief Minister along with the Cabinet colleagues, HODs and Officers to these difficult areas will certainly be beneficial for the local people. Speaking on the health sector, HCM informed about the availability of specialist doctors in STNM and the district hospitals across the state in addition to several other facilities like dialysis and others, initiated by the new government and he urged the people to know the value of these specialized health workers and the facilities and have optimal use of their potentiality, specially meant for the poor and helpless people of the far fetched, nook and corner of the state.
At the outset, HCM also paid a visit to the Rinpoche Serta Khentse at Yuksam and had a brief interaction there.
The Hon’ble Chief Minister also distributed wheelchairs, Air Mattresses, blankets, inductions, pans, cookers, torchlights and sweets to the people of Yuksum-Dubdi GPU, Thingling-Khechupelri GPU, Melli-Aching GPU and Topung-Timbrong GPU including the needy at Yuksam Residency.
The medical camp was also set up under the Garib Jan Kalyan Prakosta providing free medical treatments, medicines, health insurance along with Medical specialists, orthopedists, Dentists and ENT specialists for the public convenience in terms of healthcare.

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