Block Level Chief Minister’s One Mile Run 2020-21

Namchi, 16th January: Block Level Chief Minister’s One Mile Run 2020-21 was organized by Ms. Sobah Gurung, P.E.T. BAC in presence of Mr. Tenzing Bhutia BDO, Poklok-Nandugaon BAC. The programme was attended by Poklok-Nandugaon Sporting Club President Bimal Rai, General Secretary Mr. Ravi Chandra Khaling, Vice-President Mr. Jabbar Chettri, Treasurer Mr. Dhiren Chettri and Mr. Roshan Rai President WLC Samseybong, and other village elders including school heads P.E.Ts of surrounding areas. The main participating schools were from Nandugaon Sr. Secondary School, Jorethang Sr. Secondary School, Salghari, Secondary School, Denchung Jr. High School, Dong Jr. High School, Bhailsalgaon Jr. High School, Tinik Jr. High School, Nandugaon Suntaley Primary School. There were 72 participating students among the schools.
The categories for one mile run is as under:
1. Under 14 girls/boys
2. Under 16 girls/boys
3. Open boys and girls
The details of winners and runners up are as follows:-
1. Under 14 girls
a. Ms. Newansha Chettri from Nandugaon Sr. Secondary School (First)
b. Ms. Merina Rai, Salghari Secondary School (Second)
c. Ms. Tanuja Begum, Jorethang Sr. Secondary School (Third)
2. Under 14 boys
a. Mr. Sudeep Rai, Bhaisalgaon Jr. High School (First)
b. Mr. Krish Agarwal Jorethang Sr. Sec. School (Second)
c. Mr. Samuel Subba, Dong Jr. High School (Third)
3. Under 16 (Girls)
a. Ms. Januka Biswakarma, Denchung Jr. High School (First)
b. Ms. Regina Sunuwar, Nandugaon Sr. School (Second)
c. Ms. Diksha Sunuwar Nandugoan Sr. Secondary School, (Third)
4. Under 16 (Boys)
a. Mr. Sidant Rai, Nandugoan Sr. Secondary School (First)
b. Mr. Anoj Thami, Jorethang Sr. Sec. School (Second)
c. Mr. Ujjwal Century, Salghari Secondary School (Third)
5. Open (Boys/Girls)
a. Mr. Reshav Rai, Jorethang Sr. Secondary School, (First)
b. Mr. Pravin Majhi, Jorethang Sr. Secondary School, (Second)
c. Mr. Bikram Rai, Nandugaon Sr. Secondary School, (Third)
a. Manisha Rai, Nandugoan Sr. Secondary School (First)
b. Ms. Jyotika Rai, Nandugoan Sr. Secondary School (Second)
All the winners and runners up were given prizes which were sponsored by Block Development Officer, Nandugaon BAC. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Sobah Gurung P.E.T. Nandugaon BAC.
Press Release from BDO, Poklok-Nandugaon

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