The Hon’ble Chief Minister attends the State Level Tamu Lochar

Gangtok, December 30 (IPR): Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Prem Singh Tamang graced the State Level Tamu Lochar celebrations as the Chief Guest at Manan Kendra, today. The programme was organised by Akhil Sikkim Gurung Tamu Boudha Sangh.
The function was also attended by Hon’ble Cabinet Ministers, Hon’ble MLAs, MP (Lok Sabha), Advisors, Chairpersons, Senior Government officials, and people from Gurung Community at large.

Tamu Lochar is an important religious and traditional cultural festival of the Gurung community, which is celebrated on every 15th day of ‘Poush’ of the Nepali calendar. It also marks the beginning of New Year for this community.

Addressing the gathering, Hon’ble Chief Minister extended his best wishes to the Gurung community on the occasion of Tamu Lochar. This celebration is observed to showcase the rich cultural diversity of Gurung community and to communicate that the Sikkimese people have an unrelenting bond of unity and integrity, he added.

He further maintained that each and every community of the State has equal liberty to practice and preserve their rich cultural heritage while keeping alive the spirit of secularism. He also ensured that community based festivals in the State would not be politicised as Sikkim is a unique blend of different religion, customs and traditions of various communities. The splendour and diversity of the State’s culture, rituals, art, literature, festivals, cuisines and dances should be conserved and encouraged, as every traditional feast and festivals have its own history, objective, characteristics and system of celebration, he added. In the same manner, he also urged the Gurung Community to document, protect and save their rich cultural legacy which needs to be expressed in a limpid way through the community festival and pass it on to the next generation. He also said that historically Gurung Community has been identified as sheep herders and they still rely on a pastoral and agricultural way of life.

The Chief Minister also suggested the Gurung Community set aside their ideological differences and asked them to unite for the larger interest of the community. He also informed that the State Government will provide every possible support for the construction of Rodhi Ghar in the State’s capital. He also emphasised that the State Government is vigorously pursuing the demand of inclusion of 11 left out communities of Sikkim in the tribal status.

On the occasion, the organising committee also felicitated Hon’ble Chief Minister for his relentless contribution to the State. Likewise, MP Lok Sabha Shri Indra Hang Subba was also felicitated by the organising committee.

The programme also witnessed a colourful cultural performance on Ghatu, Tungna and Kauda of the Gurung community along with the three ethnic communities depicting the rich cultural heritage and diversity of the State.

During the course of the programme, various individuals of the community were also felicitated for their remarkable contributions to the State.

Earlier, Advisor to HCM Shri Rohit Raj Maharaj presented the welcome address while Shri Pravin Gurung, DIG Range also the General Secretary of the organising committee highlighted on the origin, rituals, customs and traditions of the community.

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