The Hon’ble Chief Minister launches books at Samman Bhawan

Gangtok, 2nd December 2020 (IPR): The Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri. Prem Singh Tamang presided over a Book Launch event as the Chief Guest at Samman Bhawan, Mintokgang today.
Organized by Sikkim Akademi, the event saw the Hon’ble Chief Minister launching two books, “Sikkim ma Janmiyeka tatha Sikkim lai karmashetra banayera baseka divangat Sahityakar ra Patrakar haru” by Sikkim Akademi and “Sambhavna ko Pratibimbh” by Amar Baniya ‘Lohoro’.
Joining the Hon’ble Chief Minister on the stage were Padmashree G. S. “Sanu” Lama, Guruji Rohit Raj Maharaj, Press Advisor to the Chief Minister Shri C.P Sharma, Advisor Culture Department Smt. Bhim Kumari Sharma, Chairman of Sikkim Culture, Heritage and CH Board Shri Sonam Sherpa. Luminaries of the literary and art fraternity of the state, officials from various associated departments, members of concerned associations were also present at the Book launch event.
The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri P.S Tamang, while addressing the event congratulated Sikkim Akademi and poet Amar Baniya for successfully launching their books. He stated that today marks the launch of two significant books that will further add value and merit to the literary wealth of the State of Sikkim. He expressed his gratification for being a part of a momentous occasion and sharing the day with notable and inspirational members of the literary and artistic community of the state.
The Chief Minister went on to speak about the COVID pandemic and how it has hampered the rate of progress and growth for the entire world. He expressed positivity that this uncertain time would end soon and all be victorious in the fight against the virus. The Chief Minister also called on the people to not let their guards down as we inch closer to the reality of having a COVID-19 vaccine and requested everyone to follow COVID protocol diligently like the way it has been done for the past 9 months.
The Chief Minister gave voice to the fact that Sikkim is a state with a unique and diverse history and heritage that needs to be preserved and sustained for future generations. He expressed concern that the younger generation is drifting away from the core traditions of the state and hence it should be upon every Sikkimese to make the younger generation aware and appreciative of the richness and unity of our legacy.
The Chief Minister reiterated the commitment of the State Government towards fulfilling all the aspirations of the literary sector of the state and verbalized his repeated support towards fortifying the literary and artistic wealth of the state. He put forth his assurances that their “work of art” will be preserved by the state government so that it lives on as a heritage for the whole of the state.
He called for further strengthening of the peace, harmony and mutual respect that exists amongst all communities as it is the true essence of Sikkim and the Sikkimese people, stated the Chief Minister.
The Chief Minister encouraged the literary and artistic community to continue working towards promoting arts, literature & culture in the state and asserted that all efforts would be met with support and encouragement from the state government.
In conclusion, the Hon’ble Chief Minister wished everyone for the coming new year and stated that 2021 would usher a new dawn for all of us and we can restart on our path to progress and prosperity again.
Earlier, the Book Launch ceremony also saw Shri. P L Sharma from Sikkim Akademi and poet Shri Amar Baniya Lohoro giving a brief introduction of their respective books “Sikkim ma Janmiyeka tatha Sikkim lai karma hetra banayera baseka divangat sahityakar ra Patrakar haru” and “Sambhavna ko Pratibimbh”.

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