Press Release from BAC Rakdong Tintek

A Programme was organised at the conference hall of BAC, Rakdong Tintek on 21/10/2020 to distribute the House Upgradation cheques and allotment orders for GCI Sheets to the beneficiaries of 16 – Tumin Lingee Constituency under the State Flagship Housing programme of Garib Awas Yozana, initiated and modelled by Rural Development Department, Government of Sikkim. The Chief Guest for the programme was Shri Samdup Tshering Bhutia, Area in Charge (16 Tumin Lingee Constituency) who distributed the cheques and allotment orders in the presence of BDO Rakdong Tintek, CLC President, Nari Convener, CLC and WLC committee members, BAC Staff and public.
The distribution programme will continue for two days and will conclude on 22/10/2020 wherein a total of 277 house up-gradation cheques and 72 Allotment orders for GCI sheets will be distributed to the beneficiaries and public of all 4 GPUs under Rakdong Tintek block of 16 – Tumin Lingee Constituency.

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