Total Tests Conducted = 53180.
Total Active Cases = 346.
Cured & Discharged = 2933.
Deaths =59.
Cumulative Total = 3417.
Total admission in ICU= 5.
Total Covid-19 Positive Cases Reported today = 50( 30 on RTPCR, 3 on TruNat and 17 on RAT)
The breakup of cases on RTPCR:
1 patient admitted to the emergency ward of STNM hospital.
3 below AG Church, Development Area.
2 from Hotel Silver, MG Marg.
1 from Yangang.
1 from Samdong.
1 from Helipad, Burtuk.
1 from Arithang containment zone.
2 from Metro Point, Tadong opposite Hyundai Showroom.
1 from above Ruchi Clinic Gangtok.
2 from Burtuk near Hotel Mystic.
1 below old STNM hospital, DPH.
1 from Ranipool.
1 from Tibet Road near Hotel Patuk.
2 from Gangtok(5 and 15 years old untraceable.
1 from Chujachen.
1 from Raigaon, Sichey.
1 from DPH.
1 from Geyzing.
2 from near Swastik Gate.
1 from Ranka.
1 from Tashiling COVID Care Centre.
1 from Church Road.
1 from Tadong near Health Mechanical Workshop.
Break up cases on TruNat :
2 from Tadong – 70 year male and 80 year female and a 22 year old female from Rongey untraceable.
The Breakup cases on Rapid Antigen Testing:
1 from Tathangchen.
1 from Assam Lingzey.
1 from Jalipool.
1 from Pakyong.
1 from Chalamthang, Bermiok.
1 from Rangpo Majhitar.
1 from opposite Tamang Gumpa, Shantinagar.
1 from Shantinagar.
1 from Rhenock.
1 from Singhik, North Sikkim.
1 from Lingdong, North Sikkim.
3 from Purano Namchi area.
2 from Alley Gumpa area.
1 from upper Mamring area.
It was also informed in the health bulletin that the State has recorded two more COVID-19 deaths.
A 68-year-old male, resident of Arithang passed away at around 3:15 am today. He was admitted to the STNM hospital on 2nd October and had a comorbid condition with diabetes and other ailments.
The second death was reported from a 35-year-old male who was staying in Mamring and a resident of Kolkata. He was admitted to STNM hospital on 7th October and had comorbid conditions. He passed away at around 11:57 am today.
(Sikkim daily Health bulletin on COVID-19 as on 13.10.2020)

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