Press Release from BDO Poklok-Kamrang

Namchi, 13th October: As per the direction of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim Shri P.S. Golay for distribution of Krishi Loans to the borrowers of Sikkim, scrutiny of documents program was organized at DAC Conference Hall, today. This program was held under the Chairmanship of Mr. K.B. Rai, Incharge 10/Poklok-Kamrang. It is pertinent to mention here that loan mela was curtain raised by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim on 29th August with the theme “Development Through Credit.”
The program was attended by Dr. Mala Bajgai, Addl. Director, AH&VS, Mr. Chiran Rizal, SDM/HQ, Mr. Dikendra Bhujel, Jt. Director, Horticulture, Dr. Pratap Subba, Jt. Director, Agriculture, Mr. Tenzing Bhutia, BDO/Nandugaon, Ms. Babita Rai, BDO/Namchi, Dr. Nevidita Pradhan, VO/Turuk, Dr. Kunzang Palmu Bhutia VO/Nandugaon and the borrowers from 10/Poklok-Kamrang Assembly Constituency.
At the outset, Mr. Pratap Bhandari, Consultant, urged all the borrowers to utilize the loan amount judiciously as per the project report submitted by them. He also informed the house that at least 2.5 Crores covering about 150 borrowers shall be disbursed immediately through concerned banks after considering due document formalities.

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