Total Tests Conducted = 52906.
Total Active Cases =384.
Cured & Discharged = 2839.
Total patients in ICU= 4.
Cumulative Total = 3359.
Total Covid-19 Positive Cases Reported today = 39( 31 on RTPCR, and 8 on RAT)
The Breakup of cases:
1 from below Illahabad Bank, Burtuk.
1 from Gandhey Jhora, Sichey.
1 from upper Sichey.
1 from Tadong.
1 from Byepass.
1 from 8th Mile, Martam.
1 from Jalipool.
1 from Development Area containment zone.
1 from below old STNM hospital.
3 from near Gumpa, Helipad.
1 from CRH staff of lower Samdur.
1 from Majhitar.
3 from Mamring.
1 from Bardang.
1 from Rangpo.
1 from Jorethang.
11 SSB personnel from Melli Aching.
1 from Bardang.
1 from near Helipad, Burtuk.
1 from upper Samdong.
1 from Adarshgaon.
1 from Rhenock Dhanukey.
1 from 10th Mile, Geyzing.
1 from Majhigaon ward no 4, Jorethang.
It was also informed in the health bulletin that the State has recorded two more COVID deaths.
An 82 year male from Daragaon, Tadong passed away on 10th October at around 8:15 pm. He had a known case of dimentia and was admitted to the STNM hospital on 6th October.
The second death was reported from a 62 year old female, resident of Bardang at around 6:40 today. She was admitted to the hospital on 2nd October and had comorbidities.
(Sikkim daily Health bulletin on COVID-19 as on 11.10.2020)

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