The board meeting of Sikkim State Cooperative Union was held at Assam Lingzey

Gangtok, October 8 (IPR): The special board meeting of Sikkim State Cooperative Union (SICUN) was held at the conference hall of SICUN at Assam Lingzey today.
The meeting was chaired by the Chairman, SICUN, Shri L.P. Kafley and attended by Vice Chairman, SICUN, CEO, SICUN, along with the Board of Directors and representatives from SICUN and line departments.
During the meeting, issues pertaining to the Sikkim State Cooperative Union(SICUN) were discussed at length. Various activities and actions were taken on the agendas of the previous board meeting were widely reviewed during the course of the meeting.
During the meeting, Chairman, SICUN, Shri L.P. Kafley sought the confirmation of minutes of the last board meeting held on 11/02/2020.
He mentioned that the objective of the meeting was to look into the previous performances of SICUN and future course of action. He directed the concerned officials from SICUN to start working on the early establishment of a library within the campus.
He further directed to mobilize resources for preparing a training calendar. He also put forth suggestions to compile the annual report and publish a book on the achievements of SICUN.
It was also decided by the House that SICUN would be organizing the annual general meeting and the Annual National Cooperative Week celebration on November 20, 2020.
During the course of the meeting, various agendas including faculty activities, resource mobilization and training programs were reviewed and approved during the course of the meeting.

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