Awareness campaign to educate public on Covid-19

Gyalshing, 22nd Sept.(IPR): In order to augment the awareness among common people and making them more aware about the Covid-19 pandemic situation, its prevention and dealing with it as per the Government guidelines, the Information and Public Relations Department (IPR) West Gyalshing, under the guidance of DC West, Karma.R.Banpo geared up with the four days intensive miking starting from today with an effort to reach out nook and corner of West district .

The vehicle was draped with a banner to popularise preventive practice of Covid-19 like use of masks while going out, maintaining social distancing, frequenting washing of hands with soap and no spitting at public places. The recorded audio on these preventive practices were also played while the vehicle moved around the different places.

The day first campaign started from Tikjuk covering all the parts of GMC and its periphery. The drive successfully concluded around 6 PM.

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