Gandagi Mukt Bharat at Poklok-Nandugaon BAC

Namchi, 11th August (IPR): As a part of the campaign “Gandagi Mukt Bharat” a week long programme starting from 8th Aug to 15th August has been initiated by three GPUs namely Poklok-Denchung, Tinik Chisopani and Salghari. During these programs following activities shall be carried out:-

1. Collection and segregation and proper disposal of solid and liquid waste.
2. Management of Grey water from kitchen and bathroom by means of filtering using the proper mechanism.
3. Writing dos and don’ts about covid19 on walls,
4. Proper management of CSCs by means of repairing/beautification,
5. Making people aware of cleanliness by proper use of Household toilets/CSCs etc.
6. Conducting cleanliness drive of PHSCs/PHCs involving all the office functionaries
7. Plantation programme in different areas including water source, road line areas etc.
8. Finally on 15th Aug, ODF free village will be declared by the village head.

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