A meeting of Namchi Smart City Limited was held at Namchi

Namchi, July 14: A meeting of Namchi Smart City Limited was held at Namchi on 10th July 2020 under the Chairmanship of Shri. Buddha Tamang ex-Chairman of Namchi Municipal Council. The meeting had good attendance from United Forum, local Gentry and Local City Advisory Committee.
The Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Sarala Rai who recently took over the charge of CEO from Shri. Ganzay Tshering Bhutia explained the concept of Smart City, its objective and implementation of the project. She explained that Smart City is a process of urbanisation where local requirements are taken care of by the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) with Urban Local Bodies under the Smart City Project. It is mandatory to involve the public and Urban Local Bodies of the area. She further explained that the Government of India under the visionary leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modiji wanted to rejuvenate dying cities and develop growing cities which is only possible under this project. A fund of Rs. 40,000/- crores have been earmarked for 100 cities in the whole country. Until now, Namchi Smart City Limited has received Rs. 196 crores from the central Government and 1 crore as state share. The projects amounting to Rs.518 crores have been tendered. The water distribution and street lighting are two major projects undertaken by this company. To avoid delay and red-tapism under the bureaucratic system, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has introduced Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to undertake these projects which are registered under the Company Act; 2013. The very objective of Smart City is to ease off the life of local residents.
The local gentry and forum expressed their satisfaction in getting explanations and answers to their queries. They expressed their readiness to extend their cooperation in their respective areas. They have also demanded that the projects should be need based.
The Superintending Engineer, Shri. M. K. Rai and Nodal Officer, Shri. Navin Rai explained the technicality of Water Distribution system. They explained that the water distribution system will be divided into different zones and will be easy to monitor. At present, the requirement is 5.5 Ml/d at Namchi.
The local gentry expressed their concern on street lights also. They have expressed the fear that the erection of electric post has not been done properly. Since the electric post has been erected with a distance of 10 meters each and considering the height and LED bulb measuring 40 watt in street and 15 watts in footpath respectively. The power will be generated by Solar and this will be transferred to Grid Solar Photo Voltaic system in the evening when the electric supply for street light is required. The generated energy will be used by the street lights. The CEO expressed her inability to pay electric tariff by the Urban Development Department. Shri. Buddha Tamang who chaired the meeting expressed his happiness on being able to be a part of this meeting. He said for the first time he understood about Namchi Smart City and called upon the officers, locals, line department to work as a team to develop Namchi as a Smart City.
The meeting took the following decision:-
1. The Administration Section has been directed to find out the precise manpower requirement.
2. To cancel all the works where work order has been issued but work has not started yet.
3. The representation of the Public Health Engineering Department to monitor and observe the work of the water distribution system and submit corrective measures if required.
4. The electrical pole will be sent for Technical lab testing to see if it is as per the specification.
5. The House felt the need for cost cutting measures.
6. The Divisional Engineer of the Power Department has been requested to check all electrical poles and suggest remedy if it is technically not correct.
7. The House expressed their gratitude on the decision of the Government to bring White Paper on Namchi Smart City Limited.
8. The House felt that the coordination of various line departments in undertaking the Namchi Smart City Limited work is needed.
9. The House expressed that a robust accounting system should be made.
Accounting reforms such as a security deposit of contractor in a separate account.
The meeting was ended by a vote of thanks by Shri. Phu Tshering Bhutia, Divisional Engineer, Namchi Smart City Limited.

Sarala Rai
Chief Executive Officer
Namchi Smart City Limited.

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