HM Shri. Samdup Lepcha & HM Shri L. N. Sharma inspect the road condition of Gyalshing

Gyalshing, 2nd July, 2020 (IPR): An intense inspection of the ongoing constructions of 2 Kms Fair Weather Road (fwr) of Gyalshing 8th Mile to Omchung School was done by the PWD Minister Shri. Samdup Lepcha along with MP Lok Sabha Shri. Indra Hang Subba and Minister-cum-MLA Gyalshing Bermiok Shri. L. N. Sharma.

The Minister cum Area MLA Shri. Lok Nath Sharma seeing the plight of the people of Omchung area had urged the PWD Minister to visit the area where the proposed fair weather road had caused damages which needed to be inspected and resolved at the earliest.

PWD Minister during his visit expressed that the road conditions of Omchung needs to be properly reassessed and further the department would enquire about the people in connection to the project of the 2 kms long road connecting 8th Mile Gyalshing to Omchung School which is in a very bad condition and could be an agent of a catastrophic disaster during the monsoon seasons. The PWD Minister also mentioned that the proposed road was unfit for vehicles to ply, not properly in alignment with the standards of road constructions and needs immediate intervention. He reassured the public of Omchung that the matter would be dealt in a serious manner and immediate steps would be taken by the department. He also extended his gratitude towards the Minister cum Area MLA for his zeal towards the issue.

Minister-cum-Area MLA, Shri. L. N. Sharma stated that the works done for the 2kms road of Omchung was not satisfactory and that the PWD Minister has seen it and deemed it to be unfit. He further requested the PWD Minister to take proper action against those involved so that the public can avail better facilities in the coming times. He also mentioned that the level of carelessness should not be tolerated as the Government has vowed to work for the people’s benefit and prosperity.

The grievances of the public of Omchung were heard and the PWD Minister along with Minister-cum-Area MLA Gyalshing Bermiok and MP (Lok Sabha) gave their assurances to them that the matter would soon be resolved.

The 2kms long stretch of road connecting many houses in the Omchung area was toured by the PWD Minister and MP guided by the Minister-cum-Area MLA Gyalshing Bermiok. On the way, they also interacted with the public affected by the construction of the road who put forward their grievance to the Area MLA who in turn gave the letters of grievances to the PWD Minister.

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