Sikkim SLSA Conducts Training for Panel Advocates and Members of the Bar

Gangtok, 21 July (IPR): Sikkim State Legal Services Authority (SLSA) under the directions of Hon’ble Justice Meenakshi Madan Rai, Acting Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim and Executive Chairperson, Sikkim SLSA organized a Training Programme for Panel Advocates and members of the Bar today as per the Training Module of NALSA at the newly constructed Sikkim Judicial Academy in Sokeythang East Sikkim.

Her Ladyship’s prime concern was with regard to the members of the Bar, who appear before the Hon’ble Bench of the High Court and the Ld. Trial Court, to be well versed and sound in all legal procedures and acquire leadership quality with punctuality as a main tool for becoming good professionals.

The Resource Persons for today’s programme were Master Trainers Shri K.W. Bhutia, Registrar, High Court of Sikkim and Member Secretary, Sikkim SLSA and Shri N. Rai, Sr. Advocate, High Court of Sikkim and Sr. Panel Advocate, Sikkim SLSA, who had undergone the first batch Training of Trainers (TOT) Programme for the Master Trainers using the Training Module of NALSA, held on 11-13 July, 2015 at the Indian Law Institute, Bhagwan Das Road, New Delhi.

The programme commenced with the welcome note from Mrs. Matilda Isaacs, Special Secretary, Sikkim SLSA, who highlighted that during the 13th All India Meet of Legal Services Authorities which was held at Ranchi from 21st – 22nd March, 2015, one of the resolutions passed was that all SLSAs should nominate Judicial Officers and Sr. Panel Advocates to be trained as Master Trainers who in turn, would impart trainings to the panel lawyers in their respective States. The purpose being to cement the gap between the study of law and its practice and also help in building special abilities to make the above transition easier for administering efficient legal advice to their clients and legal aid/services so that Access to Justice is propagated in its true form and spirit.

Under the aegis of Sikkim SLSA the 1st Batch of Training Programme for Legal Services Lawyers of Sikkim SLSA from all the 04 Districts as per the Training Module-1 of NALSA was held in the Conference Hall of Sikkim SLSA on 3rd & 4th September, 2015 wherein 53 Panel Lawyers attended the said programme, and, thereafter under the directions of Hon’ble Executive Chairperson two such Training Programmes were held during 2015 and 2016, with the above Master Trainers as Resource Persons.

The “Training Module for Legal Services Lawyers, Part-2” developed by NALSA was released on 9th November, 2016 during National Legal Services Day by NALSA. Today’s programme is a culmination of Training Module 1 & 2.

The programme ended with vibrant interaction between Advocates and Resource Persons. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Bikash Sharma, Deputy Secretary, Sikkim SLSA.

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