A total of 21 Sikkimese people from Chennai arrive at NJP

Siliguri, May 30: (IPR) The Shramik Special train(Chennai to Tripura) from Chennai arrived at NJP on the midnight of 29th May. A total of 21 returnees from Sikkim had travelled by this train.
After the usual protocol was completed by the officials and staff of SNT Siliguri, the returnees boarded the two SNT buses and were taken to the SNT/Complex at Siliguri.
Dinner packets had been made ready and were served to the returnees. The dinner packets were arranged by NGO ‘Helping Hands’.
Thereafter, they were put up at a local hotel.
The returnees would be sent to Melli(South/West) and Rangpo(North/East) today by SNT buses.

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