Chandigarh-NJP special train ferrying Sikkimese returnees arrives at NJP railway station

Siliguri, May 25: (IPR) The Chandigarh-NJP special train ferrying Sikkimese returnees arrived at NJP railway station at around 1.30 a.m this morning.
The passengers were screened and shifted to SNT buses following all the required safety protocol by the officials and staff of the State Transport Department (SNT) and the medical team deployed at the station.

The first few buses reached the border check posts of Rangpo and Melli at around 5 am.

Total evacuees- 856
South – 224
West – 215
East – 378
North – 39
The total number of buses used was 46.

The returnees from South and West District will enter the State through the Melli checkpost where they will undergo thorough medical screening. Those from East and North District will enter through the Rangpo checkpost. They will be screened at Goli ground, Rangpo.

Report and photographs: IPR Siliguri.

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