A six-member Economic Revival Committee/ERC was formed vide Government Notification No. 32/Home/2020 dated 15/5/2020, under the Chairmanship of Shri Sonam.T. Venchungpa, Hon’ble MLA.

2. The ERC conducted its first meeting on 18th May 2020 and set an agenda based methodology and timeline for a month-long exercise for the economic revival of Sikkim. The ERC defined three broad aims:
a) Bringing economy back to Normal i.e. Pre-Covid State
b) Communicate with various stakeholders &
c) Support long term economic pathway.

3. The ERC listed the following key thrust areas ;
I. Tourism & Civil Aviation
II. Transport
IV. Forest
V. Labour
VI. Commerce & Industries
VII. Health
VIII. Agriculture & Horticulture
IX. Animal Husbandry
X. Power
XII. Food & Civil Supplies
XIII. Social Justice & Welfare
XV. Cooperative
XVII. Police
XVIII. Irrigation
XIX. Public Health Engineering Department
XX. Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Department
XXI. All Revenue Departments including Excise, Lottery, Land Revenue and Commercial Taxes; Whereby, sectoral analysis and targets were proposed for the setting.

4. The Committee decided to hold consultative discussions in two tiers; tier 1 with departmental heads; tier 2 with stakeholders from civil society including entrepreneurs, NGOs, academicians, experts, local body representatives like Adhyaksha and Upadhyaksha , Members of Legislative Assembly and representatives of various political parties.

5. Over 21st May to 23td May, the Committee held the first round of consultative meetings with the departmental heads of the 13 thrust area, to get the base status of the impact of COVID-19 induced lockdown and its projections over next 6 months – 12 months.
The heads were also advised to submit a uniform format report on their short and long term economic revival strategies proposed.

6. In its second round of consultative meeting the Committee shall invite the civil stakeholders from various walks of life, the main thrust would be on business most affected owing to COVID-19, namely;
• Tourism & Hospitalities
• Agriculture & Animal Husbandry
• Small Trades/Vendors/Businesses.
The Committee has also requested the public at large to send their suggestions for short & long term economic revival.

The suggestions are sought through:-
Email id:

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