A Chief Minister level Video Conference to access progress made in the implementation of PMVDY

Gangtok, May 14: A Chief Minister level Video Conference to access progress made in the implementation of Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Vikas Yojana (PMVDY) was held on 12th May 2020, under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Minister of Tribal Affairs Shri. Arjun Munda. The meeting was attended by the Chief Minister of Nagaland & Manipur and Ministers-in-charge from 24 other states including Sikkim. Shri Karma Loday Bhutia, Hon’ble Minister Department of Science & Technology represented Sikkim and he was accompanied by Shri. K. C. Lepcha, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology and other senior officials of the department.
Discussion on progress made by various states towards the implementation of the scheme and exploring the possibilities of benefiting the 1.5 Million tribal population of the country where the primary agenda of the discussion. Issues pretending to immediate fallout of COVID 19 pandemic, long term strategies, interventions, and exploring the alternative sources of livelihoods for Tribal were also discussed.
Hon’ble Minister Shri. Karma Loday Bhutia thanked the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for conserving the scheme for the Tribal in India and for sanctioning 80 Van Dhan Vikash Kendras to Sikkim. He highlighted the various problem associated with the launching of the scheme in Sikkim and attributed it to sudden COVID 19 lockdown. An invitation was submitted to the Hon’ble Union Minister for gracing the lunching the Van Dhan scheme in Sikkim. Apart from this, he also submitted several other proposals to the Minister in charge of Tribal Affairs having special reference to the state of Sikkim. In response, Shri. Arjun Munda congratulated and appreciated the effort made by the Government of Sikkim in efficiently managing COVID 19 pandemic and progress made by Sikkim towards the implementation of the scheme. He further expresses his willingness to grace the launching of Van Dhan Scheme in Sikkim after the lifting of lockdown and look into the various proposal submitted by the minister in charge of Sikkim.

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