Musical Night at IHCAE Quarantine Facility, Chemchey, South Sikkim

Namchi, 13th May(IPR): At the institutional quarantine centre of Indian Himalayan Centre for Adventure and Eco-Tourism (IHCAE), Chemchey, South Sikkim where presently a total of 77 people have been kept is nowadays filled with musical nights.
The two A and B blocks of this Centre with a total of 21 rooms is being utilized as a quarantine facility and on most nights sweet-sounding songs and chords are played by frontline workforce including that of staff from IHCAE, Police and Medical personnel posted there. These melodies are played from front yard of the respected blocks, the main entrance door of the building is locked so that people undergoing mandatory quarantine will not be able to come out to the front yard and vis a vis.
Speaking about this activity Deputy Director IHCAE Mr. Kazi Sherpa informed that he wanted to assist everyone involved at IHCAE combating COVID-19 to be in a positive and happy environment as they are doing their level best. He also added that the quarantined people and officials put up at this Centre can have a wonderful experience through these cultural extravaganza as the world along with Sikkim is facing for a crises. Mr. Sherpa also said that IHCAE is an institute which provides adventure related training courses therefore there is an outdoor rock climbing training wall already installed so he and his team in the morning gathers the police, medical and other workers and encourages them to use this training wall so that they are rejuvenated, focused and healthy. He also updated that the activities at this Centre will be limited as he doesn’t want anyone to break the protocol laid by the Sikkim State Government with regard to COVID-19. Government Personnel affixed at this Centre is also not allowed to leave and mingle with outside people. The gates are locked and anyone entering this Centre will have to register and inform the Police personnel as this strictness is done so that COVID-19 precaution can be practised by everyone.
As for the food at the centre there is a time table wherein vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is cooked and served but if anyone of the quarantined people are vegetarian then they are strictly served the same according to their preference. There are a set of people who has been assigned with food and makes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nowadays quarantined people are also served with fresh fruits, eggs and many more nutritious sustenance too.
The centre is also equipped with ample medical assistance. A thermal scanner is available to the medical practitioners along with medicines for various minor ailments. A vehicle has been also allocated to be used as an ambulance in case if there is an emergency. Apart from thermal scanner many more state of art apparatus will also be set up in the centre at the earliest.
As for the welfare of the inmates, they are regularly checked by the doctor. A water boiler
with tea bags and sugar has been kept in all of the rooms used by them so that they can get hot beverage around the clock. It is also compulsory for the people under quarantine at this centre to wear face mask, maintain social distance and practice basic hand and respiratory hygiene. Once the inmates leave this Centre after completing the 14 day compulsory quarantine, the staff of IHCAE disinfect and sanitize the necessary items used by the previous inmates. For this disinfection process disposable gloves and other chemical compound for laundry is utilized.
It may be mentioned here that the Sikkim State Government has started with the process of bringing back the stranded people from 5th May onwards. The individuals of South and West District enter via Melli Checkpost after which they are taken to the Screening Centre at Melli. The returnees are screened and examined following all safety norms in the Melli screening centre and sent to various quarantine Centre located in the District. As for West Sikkim people are handed to West District administration for further procedure.
There are a total of seven quarantine centers in South. They are Hotel Pangolin (Assangthang) Cherry Resort (Temi), Yatri Niwas (Chardham), IHCAE (Chemchey), SIRD (Karfectar), SICB (Karfectar) and CCCT (Chisopani). Out of these, three centre namely Hotel Pangolin, Cherry Resort and Yatri Niwas are paid and other centres are free of cost.

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