First Akkar Summer Cup Open Football Tournament launched in Jorethang

Jorethang, 3rd July(IPR): The prelude launch of the maiden ‘Akkar Summer Cup Open Football Tournament’ (ASCOFT) organized by Jorethang Football Club (JFC) was held at Gandhi Lane, Jorethang today. Present during the occassion were IPR Minister cum Patron in Chief Mr. A. K. Ghatani, SE (Power) Mr. Jigme Namgyal, SDPO Mr. Sonam W. Bhutia, President Mr. Raj Mohan Pradhan, representatives from NJMC, alongside members of the organizing committee and public at large.

Addressing, the gathering Minister Mr. Ghatani extended his best wishes on the first Akkar Summer Cup Open Football Tournament which is being organized in Zoom-Salghari constituency. He explained the aim and objective of organising this tournament which is to generate ample awareness on the ill effects of drug use amongst the youths. He also underlined the importance of inculcating the habit of playing football and other sports as it is a key factor to promote prosocial characteristic traits among individuals. He elaborated that youths who engage in sporting activities learn good sportsmanship qualities and stay away from other anti social elements. He also explained that most of the drug activities are carried out by the youths having an idle time in which they do not participate in any physical activities, as a result, they resort to destructive drug habits wherein he emphasized that these youths should engage in a number of various sporting activities, as sports can act as a deterrent to drugs.

There are total of 18 teams participating from Sikkim and surrounding areas in this tournament and will be played at Jorethang playground from 4th – 21st July. The cash prize for the winner and runners up of the tournament is one lakh twenty five thousand and seventy five thousand respectively. During the course of the program Mr. A.K. Ghatani alongwith dignitaries handed over an inverter set to DRISHYA Rehabilitation Centre, Samatar on behalf of MERA Camp, Gangtok.

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