CM’s Jan Sampark programme reaches Rongli

Rongli, 19 June (IPR): Taking his second phase public outreach further, Jan Seva and Jan Sampark programme of Hon’ble Chief Minister Pawan Chamling reached Rongli under Chujachen Constituency today.

The programme began with the welcome address by area MLA, Shri Bikram Pradhan, who expressed his gratitude towards the CM on behalf of the public from the Constituency. He said that the development till date in the area was possible only due to the vision and hard work of the CM. He also put forth various demands before the CM for the welfare of the Constituency. The CM sanctioned all their demands in principle.

Shri Chamling began his address by thanking the gathering for a warm welcome and expressed that he was glad to be amongst them. He went on to state that ‘Change’ was necessary, not only in politics but in all fields of life. However, one should always change for the better and not for the worse, he declared. He then reminded the people that democracy meant a responsible government as well as responsible citizens.

“Freedom lies with responsibility, only then the State can be truly democratic,” he said.

The CM put across his thoughts on gender and communal inequality and differences, stating that the government had drawn schemes and plans to counter the existing polarity and that, it was the people’s right as well as their duty to rightfully take what is theirs. He gave example of the Succession Act 2008 and also spoke on the protection and reservation of the minorities and questioned the crowd on why we lacked compassion and kindness. He advised all to be considerate and sensitive, especially those in power and in control.

Asserting on striking the balance between equality and fairness, he said that his government has been working on maintaining this balance so that justice is delivered to all. He urged the people not to be misled and manipulated by those who used religious and communal difference to bring about purposeless arguments.

He made public that approval regarding appointment of government employees on compassionate ground need not be sent to the Chief Minister’s Office. Instead, the officials could scrutinize the documents, verify it and employ the next in kin promptly, for it was important to have at least one breadwinner in the house.

Shri Chamling also spoke on the importance of industrial development and the gravity of private sectors. He announced that a law had been passed in the house recently, stating that it was mandatory for these private industries and offices to employ 90% of the local people. He then gave examples of countries like Canada and Iceland who have let the industrial sector develop and evolve them as a nation.

He thanked the Aganwadi workers and the Aganwadi helpers for leaving no stone unturned in implementing the health schemes especially those, catering to pregnant women and primigravida mothers. He stressed on the importance of having children and encouraged the public to follow a sensible family plan. He also spoke on the immense value of nature and environment, motivating the people to have several plantation drives and promised them that his government would construct parks and environment-friendly recreational centres in days to come.

Stressing on the importance of education, he stated that when a person is denied of the tool of education, it could stunt his growth as a human being. He spoke proudly that today Sikkim has 27 colleges and 7 universities and education up to college level has been made free so that no child can be refused the right to education. However, he also mentioned that while educational degrees would enhance a person’s confidence and growth, it was equally important to be a good human being in the first place.

He spoke with pride on Sikkim being the only Organic State in the country as well as gaining popularity globally in the agricultural sector. He said that initially, while tourists and people from outside visited the State bringing knowledge with them to share with the Sikkimese people, the tables have now turned for they come to take knowledge from Sikkim. He propelled the people, particularly the youth to become producers instead of consumers and to be self-sufficient. Further, he advised them to come forward and take up loans for Start-Up Ventures and scholarships.

Towards the end, he asked the people to be free from all forms of dependency and to instill in them the power and wisdom to build a village, town and eventually a State of their own dreams. He brought to mind that the power and responsibility lay in the hands of the public and the government both.

He concluded his speech, promising the public that he would build houses of all religion so that there would be no religious discrimination and warned the people to be wary of intellectual dishonesty.

He thanked the people for their time and support and said that in the last twenty-four years, his government had made sure that Sikkim was safe and secure and would continue to do so in the coming years, with the help and co-operation of the people.

Earlier, the CM was felicitated by Cheli Morcha and Yuva Morcha of Chujahen Constituency, presentation of Smriti Chinna by Zilla Panchayats, Gram Panchayats and Panchayats of Sudunglakha GPU, Anganwadi workers, Aasha workers, Boudha Sanskar Sudhar Samiti (Dalapchand), Progressive farmers and social media group from the Constituency. He also released a music album on the occasion.

The public event had the presence of Cabinet Ministers, MLAs, Chairpersons, Panchayat Level Functionaries, HoDs, officials of the State Government, students and people from the constituency.

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