Resumption of work in the Government Offices/ PSUs during the period of lockdown

Mangan, April 20: (IPR) In a partial order of resumption of work in the Government Offices/ PSUs during the period of lockdown in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. The team of District Information Centre, North/ IPR met with the District Collector, North, Shri Tenzing T. Kaleon, where Shri Kaleon candidly explained the measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the light of the guidelines of the Ministry of Home Affairs, GoI and state government.

Some of the functioning of the district offices/ PSUs during the period of lockdown will be as follows.

All officers under various departments in the district shall function with restricted staff w.e.f. 20/24/2020 to ensure the delivery of public services. Officer of the level of joint Secretary and shall attend office on all working days. Other officers and staff shall attend as the roster prepared by the heads of office which shall not exceed 1/3rd of the actual strength.

All the head office shall prepare a roster for attendance of officer and staff in line with the instruction laid down as above.

All officers and staff called for duty shall use the roster as the permit for to and fro movement home to office. The district police shall permit the movement of these officials during working hours till 5 PM only on production of valid photo ID cards.

To the extent possible, the heads of office shall arrange for pool vehicles for ferrying their staff to maintain the sanitizing of the lockdown.

Police, Home Guards, Civil defence, Fire and Emergency Services, Disaster Management and Municipal Service shall continue to function normally without any restrictions.
All protocols issued by the MHA, GoI and the State Government on the functioning of workplaces shall be strictly followed by the respective officers.

District and sub-divisional police shall deploy police personnel/ Home Guards at the entire of DAC, Mangan and sub-divisional/ Block Administrative Centres to regulate the entry of officers and staff based on the roster and the general public coming to the office for availing emergent services.

Entry shall not be allowed if “AAROGYA SETU” Application is not installed and activated in their phones.

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