Bhaley Dhunga Self Help Group works to stitch Cloth Face Mask

Bhaley Dhunga Self Help Group works to stitch Cloth Face Mask

At a time where wearing face mask has become mandatory due to the outbreak of nCoV. Yangang sub-division based Bhaley Dhunga Self Help Group (SHG) has come forward to make a face mask. This is an all-women tailoring group and was formed around the month of December 2019 when the State Government had allocated the stitching of school uniforms to the SHGs.

There are at least 20 members in this group who are from Sripatam Gagyong, Yangang Rangang and Neya Mangzing GPUs. This self-reliant tailoring expert each possess a sewing machine and are between the age group 25 to 55.

The idea to sew face mask was encouraged when they learnt that there was a
shortage of masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The group follows proper sanitation protocol while producing the mask says Sarita Pokhrel Assistant Project Manager.

As of now at least 150 masks made out of soft cotton material has been manufactured by the SHG which were given free of cost to the villagers of Lower and Upper Neya and Brum.
The drawback is that the cloth face mask stitched by these ladies do not meet the required medical standards but it is an excellent substitute to handkerchiefs, scarves and many more tiny fabrics worn by people to cover their nose and mouth. Healthy individuals can use this cloth mask rather than surgical and N95 mask as they are supposed to be used by surgeons, medical workers and ailing individuals.

Additionally, the women also help in bringing about ample awareness about the disease to the locals along with urging them to follow the basic hygiene routine in order to fight this crisis. It is through volunteering and combined contribution of women like them that rural population are well-informed and prepared to deal with this emergency.


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