Gangtok, March 28: A meeting between Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority and Health & Family Welfare Department was held today to discuss on the joint measures to be carried out for the current COVID-19 situation in Sikkim. The meeting was held in the SSDMA Conference Hall, Tashiling Secretariat, Block B.

The following points were discussed in the meeting:

• Following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Department of Government of India, the Health Department has prepared the SOP for Dead body disposal and submitted to the Chief Secretary for approval.

• SSDMA is to facilitate the transport of materials required by the Health Department ordered from different parts of India to Gangtok.

• A dedicated vehicle is to be allotted for the transport of test samples from Gangtok to Siliguri on a daily basis.

• The setting up a dedicated health laboratory in the State is under process. The request has been sent to the concerned authority.

• SSDMA is to stockpile N95 masks, sanitizers and PPEs for times of emergency.

• Trucks and essential commodities vehicles are crossing the border on a daily basis. The security concern over the sanitization issue of such vehicles/drivers is of prime importance.

• Increased number of Quarantine centres is to be identified and earmarked. The population living in such areas need to be sensitized accordingly to avoid panic and discrimination.

• Health Department has been regularly training Health/ASHA/Agandwadi personnel on the CoVid-19 situation, tracking the quarantined persons in the State and are equipped for an emergency situation, if it arises.

• Media is required to play a positive role in factual dissemination and boost the morale of Health personnel and other officials working dedicatedly to tackle the situation.

• Director, SSDMA has asked the Health Officials present to provide a checklist of materials and equipment required to tackle the COVID -19 situation.

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