Formation of Village level Child Parliament of Men Rongong GPU

Mangan, March 6: The Village level Child Parliament of Men Rongong GPU was formed today for children of all the 6schools within the GPU. The program also involved the sensitization of the children on safe -unsafe touch, POCSO Amendment Act 2019 , and awareness on the services provided under the Child Protection Scheme, SJ&WD.

The programme was organized by the District Child Protection Unit North in collaboration with the Village level Child Protection Committee, MenRongong GPU. The Chairperson of the committee who is the Panchayat President, Smt. Zongmoo Lepcha urged the children to speak up on violation of any rights and welcomed them to the child-friendly room in the GPK. She administered the oath-taking of the child parliamentarians along with the members of the VLCPC.

The DCPO North, Smt. Wendy Lepcha, sensitized the children in good touch bad touch and encouraged them to report. She informed them of the Village Level Child Protection Committee in the GPU to assist &protect their rights and of all the child protection mechanisms existing in the District/State.

The program concluded with the children playing a space game and understanding their roles as child parliamentarians.

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