HM Shri Samdup Lepcha inspected the ongoing construction of Kayum Arch Steel Bridge

Mangan, February 22: (IPR) Hon’ble Minister of The Roads & Bridges and Culture Affairs Department, Government of Sikkim, Shri Samdup Lepcha on Saturday inspected the ongoing construction of the, 255 meters long, Kayum Arch Steel Bridge situated in upper Dzongu.

Minister, Shri Samdup Lepcha inspected either site of the bridge where foundation work is in progress, which is being built by Mohindra Tube Private Limited (MTPL) at a total cost budget of 88. 54 crores.

Minister, Shri Lepcha was accompanied by the Incharge of Dzongu constituency, Smt. Chingkipu Lepcha, Assistant Engineer, Roads & Bridges, Shri Deepak Pradhan, Site Engineer, Shri Rakesh Burma and Akhil Pandey.

Shri Rakesh Burma explained in detail about the technical aspects pertaining to the brigde and informed that the work is going on war foot and construction of bridge will be completed before the month of March 2021. He also brought under notice that the land owner had set their objection from doing the work due to delay in land compensation.

In this context, Minister, Shri Samdup met with the land owners, Shri Karma Lepcha, Shri Tshering Ongdup Lepcha, Shri Tsewangdup Lepcha, ShriGay Tshering Lepcha and Young Tshering Lepcha at Kayum. During the meeting, Minister assured the land owners that there is no need to worry for the land compensation, once the surveyor completes the report, the total amount of land compensation will be released to the land owners within twenty days.

Further, he directed that the MTPL shall be held responsible to the land owners for all the damages of any movable or immovable properties caused during the course of the bridge construction.

Apart from this, Minister also inspected the condition of Mantam to Bay road where the road was found in poor condition, therefore necessary direction was given to AE, Roads &Bridges to prepare a new estimate for up-gradation and strengthening of Mantam to Bay road.

It was learned that an alternative steel bridge at Leven-Linzya and Foot Suspension Bridge for Tingvong and Sakyong will also be built in near future.

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