Hon’ble Minister Shri L. N Sharma inaugurates Technology & Machinery Demonstration Mela 2020

Ranipool, Feb 14: (IPR) A daylong Technology and Machinery Demonstration Mela 2020 was held at the College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Harvesting Technology( CAEPHT), Ranipool, today. The programme was organised by ARCRPs on UAE, ESA, FIM and PET, CAEPHT.
Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services Shri Lok Nath Sharma graced the inaugural ceremony as the Chief Guest.

Minister Sharma, in his address, congratulated the Agriculture University and faculty members for developing farm friendly machineries and improved technological equipments for enhancing productivity with ensuring convenience and safety of farmers. He also claimed that the farmers will have sustainable income in future and motivated them to feel honoured for producing crops and vegetables for the consumers.

Minister also informed about the financial incentives to be dedicated to milk producers and vegetable growers from next financial year 2020-21 and encouraged them to increase production with proper utilization of unproductive barren land as well. He also assured to provide compensation against wildlife interference. Minister also added that the economy of the state will be strengthened through agriculture sector in future period and drew lights on provision of subsidised loan for the farmers.

Minister Agriculture thanked university for supporting farmers in terms of facilities and urged to monitor and follow up their progress.
He also emphasised on planning and programmes of the state government for marketing facilities and advised for surplus production of Ginger, Turmeric, Cardamom and Buckwheat. He also assured to strengthen and transform the VLW centres in near future.

Secretary Horticulture Shri M. T Sherpa informed farmers about the financial benefits of Rs. 6000/- dedicated to small and marginal farmers under Pradhan Mantri Krishi Samman Nidhi to be released in three instalments and urged them to get register their name with same contact number throughout the process of receiving the amount through Direct Bank Transfer.

He also encouraged farmers to use newly improved agricultural tools and Equipments. Secretary Sherpa also advised to take contact no. of concerned VLW and officials and assured them to provide onsite support for the convenience of the farmers.
Dean of College of Agricultural Engineering and Post Havest Technology (Central Agricultural University, Imphal) Ranipool Gangtok. Prof. P.P Dabral proposed welcome address and also informed on the purpose of Mela to educate farmers about the newly developed agricultural technology in Production, Processing and Harvesting process.

Later, the Minister Sharma visited the stalls of Technology and Demonstration Mela and interacted with the exhibitors of All India Coordinated Research Project on Farm implements and Machinery, Ergonomics and Safety in Agriculture, Utilization of Animal Energy with Enhanced System Efficiency, Renewable Energy Designed and Developed Equipments, Industrial Distributors, Plasticulture Engineering and Technology, Vegetable Growers and University students. He also visited Farmer’s Produce Processing-cum-Skill Development Centre.

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