The 48th Board meeting of SICUN was held at Assam Lingzey

Assam Lingzey, 11th Feb: The 48th Board meeting of Sikkim State Cooperative Union (SICUN) was held today at the Conference Hall of Union Building, Assam Lingzey with the objective to stimulate cooperative movement in the state.

The meeting was chaired by Chairman, SICUN Shri L. P. Kafley and was also attended by the Board of Directors, CEO Shri Karma G. Bhutia, Executive Officer, Shri Phadung Bhutia, representatives from concerned Departments and Members of SICUN.

The main agenda of the meeting was to strengthen cooperative movement by discussing core issues. The meeting discussed in length on the agenda of creating a congenial environment to encourage cooperative movement in the State.

Chairman Shri L. P. Kafley briefed about the funding position of SICUN. He announced that SICUN will soon be coming up with awareness program in all the four districts so that people will be aware about fundamentals of cooperative and business development. Further, he emphasized on taking cooperative movement very seriously and work diligently.

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