Training Programme for the newly appointed Assistant Government Advocates cum Assistant Public Prosecutors

Gangtok, Jan 23: A day-long Training Programme for the newly appointed Assistant Government Advocates cum Assistant Public Prosecutors was organised by the Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, Government of Sikkim at the Administrative Training Institute, Gangtok. The Training Programme was chaired by Shri Jagat B. Rai, L.R-cum-Secretary, Law & P.A. Department, Government of Sikkim. The two-session Training Programme was specially organised for the recently appointed Asst. Government Advocates cum Asst. Public Prosecutors to educate them in the intricacies of the legal matters and also as an Orientation Programme for them. The Training cum Orientation was conducted by two of Sikkim’s very respected and reputed Senior Advocates Shri A.J. Sharma and Shri N.P. Sharma.
In the first session of the day, Resource Person Shri A.J. Sharma enlightened the gathering on the basic concept of civil cases under the Civil Procedure Code, 1980 r/w Evidence Act, 1872 and Limitation Act, 1973 all the while drawing attention to filing of nature of suits, pliant, filing of written statements, injunction application, stay of suits, filing of evidence of affidavits, filing of documents, issuance of commission, appeal, revision, second appeal, additional evidence in appeal, amendment, rejection, judgement on admission, suits of Specific Relief Act and suits for Defamation.
Following the first session, the second session of the day was conducted by Senior Advocate Shri N.P. Sharma. In this session Shri N.P. Sharma discussed the basic concepts of Criminal Cases under Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 r/w Evidence Act, 1872 and Limitation Act, 1973 mainly focusing on the filing of charge sheet, pecuniary jurisdiction, cognizance of offences by Magistrates and Court of Session, bar of taking cognizance, examination in chief, cross-examination and re-examination, framing of charge, joinder of charge, alteration of charge, additional evidence appeal, revision, evidence for defense, warrant trial and summary trial, bail, recalling of witnesses, Proclamation for person absconding, attachment of property of person absconding, compounding of offences, withdrawal from prosecution and procedure in cases of unsound mind/lunatic.
The entire day and the topics discussed therein by the two very experienced Resource People will prove to be very helpful to the new Legal Practitioners in their careers. The very informative and knowledgeable day concluded with an encouraging speech by Ms. Choden Gyatso, Joint Secretary, Law & P.A. Department, Government of Sikkim along with the distribution of Certificate of Participation to all the trainees/attendees.

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