HCM attends Pre Christmas festivity in Namchi

Namchi 19th December, (IPR): The Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) attended the two day long Namchi Christmas Fest 2019 held at Central Park today. He was accompanied by his spouse Mrs. Krishna Kumari Rai, Hon’ble Minister for Information and Public Relations Mr. L. N. Sharma, Political Secretary to HCM Mr. Jacob Khaling, MLAs, pastors and general public alike.

Addressing, the gathering Hon’ble Chief Minister extended his warm greetings on the auspicious pre-Christmas festivity which is being celebrated amidst much religious fervour in various places of the globe. He spoke in brief about the importance of Christmas which mark’s the birth of Jesus Christ. He underlined how in Sikkim the masses practice secularism and religious tolerance and that apart from christmas many other festival is also celebrated namely Sakewa, Yakthung Chasok Tongnam, Losoong, Namsong and many more. The commemoration of these festivals in Sikkim is an example that defines Sikkim and it’s people as liberal in their minds, thoughts and outlook. He also maintained that the State Government will always assist in peacefully binding the different religious communities together and requested the public to do so.

Highlighting, about the substantial work that the State Government is doing HCM emphasized that they will consistently work towards upgradation of the state and accentuated that they will also try to eliminate corruption in the State Government mechanism.

During the course of the program HCM and other dignitaries felicitated Senior pastors Mr. P. T. Sukmimo and Mr. Yakub Khaling for their immense contribution for the upliftment of the community.

The organizing committee of Namchi Christmas Fest also felicitated the Hon’ble Chief Minister for his immeasurable assistance in boosting the status of the state.

The Chairman and General Secretary Namchi Christmas Fest Mr. Satish Chandra Rai and Lanem Sarang also spoke during the occasion in which they spoke about teachings of the Christ on peace, harmony and universal brotherhood.

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