Hon’ble Chief Minister attends the function of “The Importance of Sanskrit in Human Civilisation and present Scenario”

Gangtok 17th November (IPR): Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State Shri Prem Singh Tamang (Golay) graced the function of “The Importance of Sanskrit in Human Civilisation and present Scenario “at Manan Kendra along with Hon’ble Minister Shri M. K Sharma, Minister Health & Family Welfare Department, Docial Justice Empowerment & Welfare Department, Shri Y. T Lepcha, MLA Gangtok, Shri Vishnu Kumar Khatiwara,MLA Rhenock, Mukul Kanitkarji, Organisation Secretary of Shri Shri Duttatraya Seva Sangh, Swami Narayan Chaintanya, Professor Hari Prasad, Shastri Yoganandaji, Dr. Gyanendra Sabkota, Dr. Deepak Koirala, dignitaries, officials and the members of the Sangh.

The Chief Minister while addressing said that Sanskrit is vital to Indian Culture because of its extensive use in religious literature, primarily in Hinduism and because most modern Indian languages have been directly derived from, or strongly influenced by, Sanskrit. He stated that post Vedic religious text as well as text on medicine, astronomy, philosophy, art and architecture and important literary work are written in Sanskrit inspite of the development of religions language. Adding to his address he said that the importance of the study of the Sanskrit goes far beyond the asthetic value of its literature and the Sanskrit is the key to the most of the branches of the study of Indian Civilization and the contribution of this civilization to the development of human thought and culture is considerable. He further added that the Sanskrit has the most detailed morphological system and its ideally suited for the computers programmes.
Lastly the Chief Minister said that Sanskrit served as a link language not only within India but even outside in the South East Asian countries and its influence on foreign languages and even on modern Indian languages has been vast and immense.

Swami Narayan Chaitanya said that Gurukul in India has always a rich tradition of learning since ancient times and it is still practised today. It is where the students are taught how to live a cultured and discipline life. He stated that the main focus of the Gurukul is imparting learning to the students in natural surroundings where they lived with each other with brotherhood, humanity, love and discipline with essential teachings in subjects like language, science, mathematics through group discussion and self learning. Not only this the focus is given on arts, sports, crafts, singing that develops their intelligence and critical thinking which helps in their personality development and to increase confidence, sense of discipline, intellect and mindfulness such is necessary even today to face the world that lay ahead.
He further quoted various hyms of religious text and urged all present there to become a better human being with richness by thought and not by wealth.

Earlier the Governor message was delivered by Deputy Secretary,
PRO to Governor Shri Khemraj B.

Shastri Yoganandji, Deepak Koirala, Gyanendra Sabkota and Hariprasad Adhikari and Shri Mukul K. shared their views on the importance of Sanskrit and Gurukul.

Earlier Shri Tika Ram Dhal and Shri Bhawani Shankar Neupani were facilitated for their constribution in Sanskrit Language .
The teachers association also presented a citation to Hon’ble Chief Minister for appointing 170 Sanskrit teachers.
Later all the guest Swamiji were presented with memento by the Chief Minister.

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