DC West chairs Review meeting of Chenrezig Singkham Riwo Potala’s work progression

Gyalshing, 23rd october 2019 (IPR): The first review Meeting regarding progress of work and other miscellaneous issues regarding Chenrezig Singkham Riwo Potala(CSRP) was conducted at the Chenrezig Complex conference hall today. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Karma R. Bonpo, IAS, DC West cum Chairman of the Executive Committee and Addl. Secretary , Culture Department Mr. Dhushant Pariyar along with Mr. K. L. Lepcha, ADC West, Mr. Sonam Bhutia, S. E. (Buildings and Housing), Mr. Sonam Dorjee Bhutia(S.E, Power) and other heads of the concerned departments.

At the outset, Mr. Amber Gurung (Administrator, CSRP) highlighted all the burning issues pertaining to CSRP. The issues are as follows.
1. Salary of the engaged employees.
2. Increase in the numbers of Safaikarmacharis and Gardeners.
3. Road maintenance and Drainage management.
4. Building of protective walls.
5. Installation of Blower to reduce the seepage of water at the painted walls.
5. Installation of rare view mirrors at the sharp bends.
6. Additional pipeline near statue and the office premises.
7. Installation of more flowering plants for beautification.
8. Relaxation on electricity Bill.
9. Boundary fencing .
10. Construction of washroom near statue premises and
11. Early completion of the pending works.

The District Collector Cum Chairman of the committee directed all the concerned departments and the contractors to complete the remaining works. He also directed the all the engineering cell and contractors to give the finishing touch to the remaining works and hand it over to the culture department officially. In regards to the proper drainage management, he said that the separate proposal will be given to the Irrigation Department . In regards to the cracks of the glasses of sky walk DE building, Mr. Ashok Pradhan gave an valid explanation and informed that the contractor has been directed to replace the glasses within the given time bound .

During the meeting various in regards to maintenance of the complex, proper drainage’s for rain water, electricity and road issues were discussed.
The District Collector also said that the following issues must be resolved at the earliest:
1) All remaining works of the complex should be completed at the earliest.
2) survey of alternative road to the complex will be undertaken.
3) streamlining of staff and salary will be managed .
4) necessary repairs in the complex will be done.
5) proposal for Construction of new toilets will be initiated and put up to the government.

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