Scrutiny of Form 17A and other documents

Namchi, 22nd October (IPR): The scrutiny of Form 17A and other documents of the poll was conducted by Returning Officer (RO) South Mr. Ragul.K in the presence of General Observer for Bye Elections of 10 Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency Mr. Alak Kumar Saharia at District Administrative Centre,Namchi today.

Present amongst othere were Sector Magistrates, Presiding Officers, and Election Agents of the candidates.

During the scrutiny, RO briefed the gathering on the overall voter’s turnout in 10 Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency on the polling day. The scrutiny of all the twenty two polling stations were taken up as per the Guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India (ECI). Additionally, General Observer also scrutinized the documents submitted by the Micro Observers. After the scrutiny, it was observed that no re-poll is required in any of the polling stations at 10 Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency.

Mr. Ragul added that polling for the Bye Elections of 10 Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency was successfully completed in the district on 21st October wherein the total voters turnout was recorded as 80.56% comprising of 6124 female and 6520 male voters respectively. In addition, the highest voter turnout was reported from Nandu goan Senior Secondary School room no.2. It maybe mentioned here that the total number of voters for 10 Poklok Kamrang is 15695 out of which 7884 and 7811 are the male and female voters respectively. The RO also stated that there were no reports of untoward incidents of law and order situation from any of the 22 polling stations in the constituency and the polling process in all polling stations went out smoothly.

Subsequently, after the scrutiny of the documents they were sealed in the envelopes in the presence of General Observer, and the Election Agents of the candidates and were kept in the strong room.

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