Hon’ble Governor granted audience to a group of 50 farmers of NE States & officers of Assam Rifles

Gangtok, Oct 1st (IPR): Hon’ble Governor of Sikkim, Shri Ganga Prasad today, granted audience to a group of 50 farmers of North East States and officers of Assam Rifles at Raj Bhavan.

The farmer’s team consisting of 31 male and 19 female is currently undertaking 20 days Organic Farming Tour to Sikkim sponsored and conducted by Assam Rifles as a part of their Civic Action programme. The tour was flagged off by Director General Assam Rifles Lt. General Sukhdeep Sangwan, SM, on 24th September 2019 from Shillong.

The team is lead by Major Nadeem Khan, 4 Assam Rifles, who in his brief introductory address outlined the objective of sponsoring the tour to Sikkim and how they look forward to have best possible learning and exposure during their stay in Sikkim.

In his brief address to the farmers, Hon’ble Governor highlighted how the organic farming practice has put Sikkim in world focus and established itself as the first fully organic state in the country. He expressed that the entire North East Region can be transformed into organic farming hub, given the ecology and biodiversity that has supported sustainable farming practices for ages. Terming the organic farming practice as future of agriculture, Hon’ble Governor stressed on the need to facilitate the farmers with proper marketing, processing and storage facilities for organic products. He also urged the farmers to use their learning from the tour in better way which will facilitate the transformation of agriculture in their respective locality and state.

Hon’ble Governor wished all the members of the team a memorable stay in Sikkim.

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