First training for Presiding and Polling Officers I held

Namchi, 1st October (IPR): The first training for Presiding Officers and Polling Officers I for the ensuing Bye-Elections of 10 Poklok Kamrang Assembly Constituency was conducted at the Conference hall of Zilla Bhawan, Namchi today.

The training program had the presence of General Observer for the Bye-Elections of 10 Poklok Kamrang Shri. Alak Kumar Saharia IAS, SDM Gyalshing Shri.Tushar Nikhare as Master Trainer, SDM Yangang Shri. Sangay Gyatso Bhutia as Nodal Officer (training) along with SDM (HQ) Shri. Chiran Rizal and SDM Namchi, Shri. Vishu Lama.

It maybe mentioned that a total of 64 Presiding Officers and Polling Officers I attended the first day of the training along with the BDOs of Sikkip, Poklok Nandugaon and Namchi which falls under 10- Poklok Kamrang Constituency.

General Observer Shri Alak Kumar Saharia addressed the program wherein he said that the Presiding and Polling Officers should actively participate in carrying out free and fair elections as per the guidelines of Election Commission of India. He also added that these officials should acquaint and update with election coursework so as to avoid errors. He further urged the attendees to work collectively and make the upcoming Bye Elections a successful one.

Speaking during the training Master Trainer Shri Tushar Nikhare shared the significant aspects of the training. He also spoke in-depth about the various roles and responsibilities of the Presiding and Polling Officers. He underlined the various aspects that these officials need to function during the poll, on polling day and on different occasions namely that of conducting of the mock polls, recording of votes, voting procedure, sealing of election papers, preparation of Presiding Officer’s dairy, delivery of voting machines and enforcement of election laws in and around the Polling Station.

During the course of the program, a hands on training on preparation of control unit, fixing of green paper seals in the control unit, closing and sealing of control unit and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail was also conducted.

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