Co-ord meet held on rehabilitation of minor victims of crime

Gangtok, 23 Sept (IPR): A co-ordination meeting for rehabilitation to minor victims of crime and mainstreaming them into society was held at the conference hall of Social Justice and Welfare Department in Lumsey today.

The meeting was chaired by Secretary, Social Justice and Welfare Department, Ms. Dhanjoyti Mukhia, with the aim to discuss and prepare an action plan reference to the subject on rehabilitation to the children victims of crime before and after trial below 18 years of age and mainstreaming them into the society in the matter of W.P NO .05 of 2019 in the High Court of Sikkim.

Addressing the meeting, Ms. Mukhia informed the gathering to sought a response to what the role and responsibility of the state government of Sikkim is toward these children with regards to filing the response in the High Court as the Additional Advocate General has advised to file a comprehensive report showing a convergence scheme both during the previous and post trial phases.

She added that the Social Justice & Welfare Department being the nodal department for child protection would be consolidating and preparing the report. Hence, she requested all the HoDs and officers present from various department to participate in the discussion in bringing up awareness to the public and every clear valuable views suggestions and input understanding for each department role in shaping and bringing the rehabilitation of the children victim below 18 years of age.

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