Hon’ble Agriculture Minister visits Chingthang GPU in West Sikkim

Gyalshing, 14 Sept (IPR): A daylong awareness programme on “Bio- Security in Broiler Farming and Livestock” and Livestock & Poultry Management and Production was organised at Chingthang Gram Prashasan Kendra in Yangsum by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Government of Sikkim.

The programme was attended by Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services, Shri Lok Nath Sharma, where he distributed goats of Jamunapari cross breed (male), piglets and equipment of Poultry Management to the farmers of Chingthang Gram Panchayat Unit today.

Special breed of goats (male) were brought from Kolkata for the breeding and propagation purpose. The livestock were distributed during the awareness programme attended by villagers and beneficiaries of the area.

A total of nine Jamunapari cross breed goats were handed over to nine beneficiaries along with a feeding bowl and 30 kilograms of crushed Mess to each beneficiary.

The Minister also handed over six cross breed piglets (three male and three female) to three beneficiaries.

Addressing the gathering, the Minister marked the day as a historic occasion for Chingthang GPU and anticipated transformation of economic standard of the farmers through rearing of beneficial varieties of livestock distributed today. He advised beneficiaries to be more progressive and productive so as to enhance their income and abilities of self-sustenance.

The Minister also expressed his commitment to work for the development of the constituency and to make people be self-reliant for economic freedom. He urged villagers to be more serious in earning livelihood through proper rearing of cattle and adoption of agricultural practices.

He Minister also informed that Hon’ble Chief Minister has given directives to the concerned Secretaries to provide governmental facilities and required support in the interest of the farmers and advised to take up floriculture, dairy farming, vegetable cultivation, Fisheries in support of the concerned departments.

He also informed that the Chingthang GPU will be tremendously benefited under various schemes throughout the journey of Model Village. He also said that the Government is formulating a plan to ascertain marketing of vegetables and other productions.

The Minister also informed about the planning of the State government to create employment opportunities in the month of November and December 2019. He also encouraged Self Help Group to be technically efficient for stitching of students uniform.

Director, AH&VS, Dr. T.P. Lama (SR), outlined the need of sound management practices and care of livestock facilities being provided by the department and urged beneficiaries to take care of the livestock for economic growth. She drew lights on characteristic features of Jamunapari cross duel breed, reared for both milk and meat purpose that produces 2-3 kgs of milk per day and meat of more than 100 kgs. She urged the beneficiaries to obtain optimum level of service benefits from the technical experts availed by the department in the locality.

Director (Extension & Training), Kalpana Pradhan, highlighted on the purpose to generate massive awareness in rearing of livestock and advised them to follow scientific methods and absolute proportion of feeding to provide proper care of livestock. She encouraged farmers to set an example in terms of cattle rearing, management and production to present entire GPU as a Model Village.

Additional Director (Piggery), Dr. Sharman Rai, congratulated people of Chingthang GPU and expressed gratitude to the concerned Minister for his brainchild to develop the GPU as a Model Village. He elaborated on importance of animal protein and scope of piggery farming at length.

During the technical session, Joint Director (Soreng), Deputy Director (Mangalbarey) and Veterinary Officers from Tashiding & Dentam elucidated on technical aspects of Dairy Management, Piggery Management, Poultry Management and Goat/ Sheep Management, respectively.

The programme was also attended by Block Development Officer, Hee Martam, Mrs. Prativa Tamang.

Earlier, the Minister listened to the grievances of public and also had a brief meeting with the Directors and officials of AH&VS to formulate a special plan to develop Chingthang GPU as a Model Village.

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