Pang Lhabsol celebration at Ringon Rigzin Choeling Gonpa in North Sikkim

Mangan, 13 Sept (IPR): The auspicious festival of Pang Lhabsol was celebrated with full devotion and belief here at Ringon Rigzin Choeling Gonpa (Ringhim Gumpa) in North Sikkim today.

At the onset of the ceremony, special prayers invoking the guardian deities of Mount Khangchendzonga and other deities were performed by Shiv Ringponche (Rongye). Among them, the mountain deity referred to as “Dzonga” is considered to be their chief. Dzonga is believed to reside at peak of Mt. Khangchendzonga and is held in great reverence by the Sikkimese people.

According to the ancient writings, when Guru Ringponche Padmasambhava visited Mt. Khangchendzonga, he sensed dark forces surrounding the region. It was only after using his spiritual powers that Guru Ringponche was able to convert these dark forces to guardian deities of Sikkim. On this occasion, these deities led by Dzonga are ceremoniously invoked and propitiated.

Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, Shri Hishey Lachungpa, Area MLA Dzongu, Shri Phintso Namgyal Lepcha, and District Collector, North, Shri Tenzing T. Kaleon, attended the ceremony at Ringhim Gumpa.

A traditional “Cham” was performed by the local monks of the Gumpa. Panchey Cham (Warrior Dance) was also performed during the ceremony.

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