Awareness programme on EVP held at Govt Vocational College and Dentam SSS

Gyalshing, 11 Sept (IPR): An awareness programme on Electors Verification Programme (EVP) organized by the District Election Office was successfully completed at Government Vocational College and Government Senior Secondary School, Dentam in West Sikkim.

The programme was conducted by Ms. Sonam Palmu Bhutia (RO/AD, Gyalshing) as resource person assisted by Ms. Kadem Bhutia (Head Assistant, Election Cell).

The programme was mainly conducted for the young voters to understand EVP and Special Summary Revision of Photo Electoral Roll w.r.t 01/01/2020 as qualifying date.

The master trainer gave an in depth presentation on the various EVP processes and what they actually are. She also informed about the EVP and its purpose and objectives followed by the registration process in EVP and how to use the four domains of EVP where one can verify their own details, give feedback on polling stations in regards to various facilities, listing of family and authentication, enrolled members.

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