SLA holds Climate Change Inter College Debate Competition

Gangtok, 18 April (IPR): Sikkim Legislative Assembly Secretariat organized inter college debate competition titled ‘The Climate Change Debate – A Challenge for Legislators’ at Chintan Bhawan in Gangtok today.

Hon’ble M.P. Lok Sabha, Shri P.D. Rai, chaired the debate as chief guest along with Deputy Speaker, SLA, Shri Sonam Gyatso Lepcha.

Amongst the jury for the debate were former SLA Speaker, Shri K.T. Gyaltsen, as the primary judge and PCCF-cum-Pr. Secretary, FE&WMD, Shri Thomas Chandy, (Rtd.) Principal Director (HRDD), Shri Rudra Poudyal, O.S.D, Higher Education (HRDD), Dr. M.P. Kharel, HoD, Pol. Science, Sikkim University, Dr. Durga P. Chettri, and Addl. Director, Dept. of Science and Technology & Climate Change, Shri. D.G. Shrestha, as judges for the debate programme.

Shri. P.D. Rai addressed the congregation especially the students of various schools and colleges that debates on issues gives us a flavor of how the democratic process works and it provides tools to frame policies which can make a breakthrough in terms of better policies. He congratulated the participants on their enthusiasm and their eagerness to talk about such issues on Climate Change.

He mentioned that debates are mind openers which is multi-disciplinary encompassing politics, socio-economic factors, law and other subjects. He congratulated the SLA Secretariat for such an initiative to enhance and equip students who are the leaders and legislators of tomorrow. He urged the students to understand the importance of history and how it helps in understanding the present while helping them to take lessons and build the future of Sikkim and the world.

He also appreciated the HCM’s vision of providing free education to the children of Sikkim as the debate showcased that these policies have not gone in vain and have been fruitful.

Shri. K.T. Gyaltsen gave a deliberation on the above subject whilst appreciating the debater’s role in making the event more informative and exciting. He elaborately explained the various forms which encompass democracy and the freedom it gives to an individual. He stated that individual discipline acts as a binding factor for the freedom of an individual to act responsibly. He advised the student that they should read to understand first in order to be successful.

He also suggested them that they should form debates with possible evidence and information. He also enlightened the congregation regarding the various aspects of constitution and laws binding the hands of legislators who represent the public whose needs are not to be over looked but at the same time maintain balance in the ecosystem which can create an overall sustainable development. He stressed that the Government of Sikkim is working continuously towards the sustainable development which has been appreciated by the world at large.

The debate housed 20 participants from 10 different Colleges from Sikkim who were each given five minutes to speak on the topic and were to be judged by the jury on various elements like language proficiency, presentation and knowledge on the topic. The participants spoke articulately and with great enthuse. The debaters stressed on how the climatic change has and will continue to have an effect on all unless proper actions are taken.

The winners to the debate competition will be declared on 26 April at the ‘Best Performing Legislator Award’ ceremony.

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